Book review: "Programming Principles And Practice Using C++"



Bjarne Stroustrup is well know for his work on C++ and OO programming. PPP (this book) works as a introductory material for learning practical programming skills using C++. After learning C (first year programming course) and Python (second year programming course) I badly wanted a language which focuses on performance and utility and C++ surely seals the deal.


PPP starts with a overview of C++ which was indeed simple and concise but the fun part really begins with Chapter 6 "Writing A Program" where authors takes a programming project of implementing a calculator.

But the author didn't stop here, he questions the quality of code and takes on the task to improve it. Then author takes on the task to explain the concepts of OO programming following with the "display model" GUI library (FLTK based) by going through the example of a Graph application.

Then the book touches on the topic of history of programming languages, testing and The C Programming language which helps to understand the incompatibility's in C/C++ programs.

As summarised above the book tries to give details of all major programming concepts and hence leads to a very comprehensive material.


This book is highly recommend for a beginner C++ programmer because unlike C, C++ is a much bigger language and it will definitely help to decrease the gap between beginner/expert C++ programmer.